Electric Television

  title={Electric Television},
  author={Alan Archibald Campbell Swinton},
INVENTION appears to be multiplying in regard to this interesting subject, and I hear that more than one inventor in Paris is employing, for receiving, the cathode ray arrangement that I believe I was the first to publish in a letter to NATURE of June 18, 1908. The ideas embodied in this arrangement had occurred to me several years prior to that date, indeed not long after the production of the Braun cathode ray oscillograph invented in 1897. I actually tried some not very successful… 

Rethinking Image Sensor Noise for Forensic Advantage

Analysis of the diversity of sources of noise remaining within the noise residue shows that further insight is possible within a unified sensor pattern noise concept which opens the field to approaches for obtaining fingerprints utilising fewer resources with comparable performance to existing methods.