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Electoral competition in Botswana - is the playing field level?

  title={Electoral competition in Botswana - is the playing field level?},
  author={David Sebudubudu and Bugalo Maripe},
The central thesis of this article is that the electoral process in Botswana belies the oft-cited claim that the country is a haven of democracy. Botswana has held ten successive elections since 1965, yet the same party, the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), has been returned to power without fail. At a glance, and taking these elections into consideration, Botswana would appear to be an extraordinary country in the African context - one where democracy is in the process of consolidation. Far… Expand
An assessment of the level of independence of electoral management bodies and their effects on democratisation in africa: the case of Ghana and the Democratic Republic of Congo
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