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Elective sigmoid resection at sigmoid volvulus management with small transverse incision in left lower quadrant

  title={Elective sigmoid resection at sigmoid volvulus management with small transverse incision in left lower quadrant},
  author={Mostafa Mehrabi Bahar and Ehsan Soltani and Elena Saremi},
  journal={World Journal of Colorectal surgery},
Abstract Background Conclusion Emergent endoscopic detorsioning and then elective sigmoid resection is the approved treatment in sigmoid volvulus. Usually this resection was performed with a large subumbelical median incision or with laparoscopy. We used a small horizontal incision for resection. Methods After a successful endoscopic detorsioning in 10 patients with sigmoid volvulus, the sigmoid were resected using a small horizontal incision in left lower quadrant. Results None of patients had… 

Sigmoid Volvulus: A Case Series, Review of the Literature and Current Treatment

A small case series is presented on sigmoid volvulus, which failed decompressive sigmoidsoscopy and were successfully managed with a modified Paul Mikulicz operation.



Initial Treatment of Sigmoid Volvulous by Colonoscopy

Three cases of acute sigmoid volvulous are presented which illustrate for the first time successful reduction by colonoscopy after failure of the usual methods of treatment.

An Algorithm for the Management of Sigmoid Colon Volvulus and the Safety of Primary Resection: Experience with 827 Cases

Nonoperative reduction is the initial treatment of sigmoids colon volvulus, and flexible sigmoidoscopy with rectal tube placement can be used successfully, and definitive surgical techniques must be preferred.

Clinical considerations and therapeutic strategy for sigmoid volvulus in the elderly: a study of 33 cases.

Although sigmoid volvulus causing intestinal obstruction is frequently successfully encountered by endoscopic decompression, however, the principal therapy of this condition is surgery.

Endoscopy in colonic volvulus.

Endoscopy is a safe and effective diagnostic tool for the initial evaluation of patients with suspected colon volvulus and may result in therapeutic decompression and may provide visual assessment of the viability of the bowel mucosa, thus assisting in the timing of appropriate operative treatment.

Sigmoid volvulus in Department of Veterans Affairs Medical Centers

In this cohort sigmoid volvulus often presents as a surgical emergency, particularly in the setting of emergent surgery or in the presence of necrotic colon, and Surgical intervention carries a substantial risk of mortality.

Sigmoid volvulus in children and adolescents.

Colonic volvulus in children: value of barium enema for diagnosis and treatment in 14 children.

As unusual as colonic volvulus is in children, it should remain in the differential diagnosis of abdominal pain of sudden onset in this age group.

Sigmoid colon volvulus in children: review of 19 cases

In 11 patients, including five with SCV and six with ISK, no recurrence was seen in a mean 18-year follow-up period, and preoperative resuscitation, prompt surgery, and postoperative support are important in emergent SCV in children.

Colon volvulus and the geriatric patient.

Sigmoid volvulus an update.