Elective oophorectomy for benign gynecological disorders.

  title={Elective oophorectomy for benign gynecological disorders.},
  author={Donna Shoupe and William H Parker and Michael S Broder and Zhimei Liu and Cindy Farquhar and Jonathan S. Berek},
  volume={14 3 Pt 2},
OBJECTIVE To review the risks and benefits of elective oophorectomy and to make a clinical recommendation for an appropriate age when benefits of this procedure outweigh the risks. DESIGN The risks and benefits of oophorectomy as detailed in published articles are reviewed with regard to quality-of-life issues and mortality outcomes in oophorectomized versus non-oophorectomized women from five diseases linked to ovarian hormones (coronary heart disease, ovarian cancer, breast cancer, stroke… CONTINUE READING