Elective carotid artery stenting in the presence of contralateral occlusion.

  title={Elective carotid artery stenting in the presence of contralateral occlusion.},
  author={Anthony Mathur and Gary S. Roubin and Camilo R Gomez and Sriram S. Iyer and Po Ming Wong and Chumpol Piamsomboon and Sameer S Yadav and Larry S. Dean and Jiri J. Vitek},
  journal={The American journal of cardiology},
  volume={81 11},
Significant carotid stenosis in the presence of an occluded contralateral artery has a poor prognosis with medical therapy alone. Carotid cross clamping during surgical endarterectomy results in critical flow reductions in patients with inadequate collateral flow, and represents a significant risk for procedural strokes. Carotid stenting is being evaluated as an alternative to endarterectomy. We describe the immediate and late outcome of a series of 26 patients treated with carotid stenting in… CONTINUE READING
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