Elderly Care in India: Way Forward


Ageing is a global phenomenon. India is no exception to this demographic transition. The problems and issues of its greying population occupy the back seat. The current need is to conduct research and explore new directions in research on population ageing. Multi-disciplinary approaches to geriatric care can be fostered by collaborative training among medical, paramedical and other professionals. Future care giving for the elderly will also require models of both formal and informal care and systems for supporting caregivers. Community based geriatric services should be envisioned with active participation of all stake holders and players of social, economic and political leadership from the grass root level to the national level. Collaborations between the government, care providers, insurers and patients are a precursor to any significant change involving elderly care. Appropriate policies to address health care challenges of ageing population is crucial for India if it has to simultaneously meet the health care needs

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