Elastosis in relation to prognosis in primary breast carcinoma.


The content of elastic tissue has been evaluated in 171 primary breast carcinomas. Of the tumors, 35% had no or very little elastic tissue in the malignant areas, 42% presented with medium elastosis, and 22% had gross elastosis. The occurrence of elastin has been related to different prognostic factors. An increasing amount of elastin was found with increasing amounts of estrogen receptor (p = 0.0003), while there was only a slight correlation to the progesterone receptor content. Furthermore, the highly differentiated tumors contained more elastin in their tumor tissue than the poorly differentiated tumors (p = 0.003), and parous women had significantly more elastin than nonparous women (p = 0.02). The presence of elastin was not, however, of any demonstrable prognostic significance.

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