Elastodynamical properties of Sturmian structured media

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Aperiodic Structures inCondensed Matter
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Experimental Demonstration of Dynamic Topological Pumping across Incommensurate Bilayered Acoustic Metamaterials.
The first unassisted dynamic energy transfer across a metamaterial is reported, via pumping of such topological edge modes in a topological aperiodic acoustic crystal, with a phason that can be fast and periodically driven in adiabatic cycles.
Phononic topological states in 1D quasicrystals.
This work addresses the study of phonons propagating on a one-dimensional quasiperiodic lattice, where the atoms are considered bounded by springs whose strength are modulated by equivalent Aubry-André hoppings, and shows that border states for phonons are allowed to exist.
Computation and visualization of photonic quasicrystal spectra via Bloch's theorem
Previous methods for determining photonic quasicrystal (PQC) spectra have relied on the use of large supercells to compute the eigenfrequencies and/or local density of states. In this paper, we
An introduction to quasicrystal diffraction
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Dynamics of Quasiperiodic Beams
Quasiperiodic metastrucures are characterized by edge localized modes of topological nature, which can be of significant technological interest. We here investigate such topological modes for
Dynamics of quasiperiodic
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Longitudinal wave propagation in a one-dimensional quasi-periodic waveguide
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The paper deals with the analysis of wave propagation in a general one-dimensional (1D) non-uniform waveguide featuring multiple modulations of parameters with different, arbitrarily related, spatial
Spectral analysis and structural response of periodic and quasi-periodic beams
Periodic structures have found a big interest in engineering applications because they introduce frequency band effects, due to the impedance mismatch generated by periodic discontinuities in the
Topological bands and localized vibration modes in quasiperiodic beams
We investigate a family of quasiperiodic continuous elastic beams, the topological properties of their vibrational spectra, and their relation to the existence of localized modes. We specifically