Elastin turnover in malignant solid tumors.


Desmosine, a crosslinking amino acid unique to elastin, was investigated as a possible biomarker for cancer. Twenty-eight normal controls, median age 67 years, had a median value for urine desmosine of 43.5 picomoles desmosine/mg creatinine. The median for 19 untreated cancer subjects of similar age was significantly higher (175 picomoles desmosine/mg… (More)
DOI: 10.3109/03008207.2013.820723


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@article{Starcher2013ElastinTI, title={Elastin turnover in malignant solid tumors.}, author={Barry C. Starcher and Edward R. Sauter and Coty P H Ho}, journal={Connective tissue research}, year={2013}, volume={54 4-5}, pages={313-8} }