Elastin-like polypeptides as a purification tag for recombinant proteins.

  title={Elastin-like polypeptides as a purification tag for recombinant proteins.},
  author={Wafa Hassouneh and Trine Christensen and Ashutosh Chilkoti},
  journal={Current protocols in protein science},
  volume={Chapter 6},
  pages={Unit 6.11}
This unit presents a recombinant protein purification method that employs an elastin-like polypeptide (ELP) as a purification tag. ELPs undergo a sharp and reversible phase transition when heated above their lower critical solution temperature. ELPs retain this behavior when they are fused to a protein, and thereby provide a simple method to isolate a recombinant ELP fusion protein from cell contaminants by cycling the solution through the insoluble and soluble phase of the ELP fusion protein… CONTINUE READING