Elasticity in cloud computing: a survey

  title={Elasticity in cloud computing: a survey},
  author={Emanuel Ferreira Coutinho and Fl{\'a}vio R. C. Sousa and Paulo Antonio Leal Rego and Danielo Goncalves Gomes and Jos{\'e} Neuman de Souza},
  journal={Annales des T{\'e}l{\'e}communications},
Cloud computing is now a well-consolidated paradigm for on-demand services provisioning on a pay-as-you-go model. Elasticity, one of the major benefits required for this computing model, is the ability to add and remove resources “on the fly” to handle the load variation. Although many works in literature have surveyed cloud computing and its features, there is a lack of a detailed analysis about elasticity for the cloud. As an attempt to fill this gap, we propose this survey on cloud computing… CONTINUE READING
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