Elasticity and Plasticity of Large Deformations

  title={Elasticity and Plasticity of Large Deformations},
  author={Albrecht Bertram},
The development of cost-effective techniques to produce metal parts with integrated cellular structure is the newly developed process of integral foam molding. This book shows in three parts the technology, the fundamentals and the simulation models for the Integral Foam Molding of Light Metals. Part I: “Technology” shows for the first time that foaming of metals is possible by applying molding techniques very similar to polymer integral foam molding. It introduces and discusses in detail a low… 

The micromorphic approach to gradient plasticity and damage

A general constitutive framework is presented that encompasses a large variety of available generalized continuum theories designed for introducing material length scales into the mechanical

Evolution of the stiffness tetrad in fiber-reinforced materials under large plastic strain

The main aim of this work is to track the evolution of the stiffness tetrad during large plastic strain. Therefore, the framework of a general finite plasticity theory is developed. Some special

A constitutive model for polymers: Formulation and Integration algorithm

The objective of this thesis is to develop an elasto-viscoplastic constitutive model in order to characterize the deformation behaviour of polymeric materials and incorporate several numerical techniques to solve the equilibrium equation obtained from kinematic and material constitutive relations.

The Multiplicative Decomposition of the Deformation Gradient in Plasticity—Origin and Limitations

The history of material equations and hence the development of present material theory as a method to describe the behavior of materials is closely related to the development of continuum theory and

The evolution of Hooke’s law under finite plastic deformations for fiber-reinforced materials

When an elastoplastic material undergoes large plastic deformations, the elastic law and particularly the stiffness tetrad will evolve. This evolution is strongly dependent on the particular

Multi-Scale Modelling and Analysis of Heterogeneous Solids at Finite Strains

The behaviour of the great majority of materials when subjected to complex loadings is strongly dependent on their microstructure. Therefore, it is widely accepted by both the scientific and

An Alternative Material Model Using a Generalized J2 Finite-Strain Flow Plasticity Theory with Isotropic Hardening

Abstract In this paper an alternative material model using a generalized J2 finite-strain flow plasticity theory with isotropic hardening is presented. The model is based on a new nonlinear continuum

Modelling and analysis of polymers at different scales

Polymers have become an important and highly applicable branch of materials due to their interesting chemical, optical, thermal and mechanical properties. Because of highly demanded advanced



Introduction to the mechanics of plastic forming of metals

Recent significant progress in the mathematical theory of plasticity allows to build an analysis of plastic forming processes on a more sound basis, and there have been developed graphical methods by means of which slip-line and hodograph meshes are constructed for plane strain and axially symmetric problems.

Thermodynamic format and heat generation of isotropic hardening plasticity

SummaryHeat generation due to plastic deformation of metals and steel is studied. Whereas in many investigations it is assumed that the fraction η of the plastic work transformed into heat is

Modelling the plastic anisotropy of metals

An overview of available constitutive laws used in finite element codes to model elastoplastic metal anisotropy behaviour at a macroscopic level is presented, enhancing interests of each model and suggests possible future developments.

A general framework for generating convex yield surfaces for anisotropic metals

SummaryThe aim of this paper is to develop a general procedure to create yield surfaces (both isotropic and anisotropic) for elastic plastic metals with particular reference to sheet metal forming