Elastic constant of dielectric nano-thin films using three-layer resonance studied by picosecond ultrasonics

  title={Elastic constant of dielectric nano-thin films using three-layer resonance studied by picosecond ultrasonics},
  author={Hiroki Fukuda and Akira Nagakubo and Hirotsugu Ogi},
  journal={Japanese Journal of Applied Physics},
Elastic constants and sound velocities of nm order thin films are essential for designing acoustic filters. However, it is difficult to measure them for dielectric thin films. In this study, we use a three-layer structure where a dielectric nano-thin film is sandwiched between thicker metallic films to measure the longitudinal elastic constant of the dielectric film. We propose an efficiency function to estimate the optimal thicknesses of the components. We use Pt/NiO/Pt three-layer films for… 



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