[Elaboration of PCR MP diagnostic kit for genetic typing of bacterial strains].


The rules of diagnostic kit elaboration for genetic typing of microorganisms, designed for epidemiological studies, have been shown in this paper. PCR MP method has been used for diagnostic kit elaboration. Well defined epidemiologically Enterococcus faecium strains have been applied as a research model. The optimisation of the method has been carried out using different amount of reagents and time of the particular stages. Critical parameters, which have significant influence on the quality of obtained results, have been assigned. Optimalised procedure, named PCR MP unique, has been validated for genetic typing of different species of microorganisms and its potential application for routine epidemiological studies. The PCR MP method has been successfully used for elaboration of diagnostic PCR MP unique-KIT, which allows intra-species differentiation of bacterial strains. The PCR MP unique-KIT enables fast, easy and cheap analysis of strains, using elementary laboratory equipment--gradient thermocycler.

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