• Geography
  • Published 2015

El posicionamiento de las consultoras de ventas por catálogo y su aportación al desarrollo económico–social de los ciudadanos del cantón Quevedo, año 2012

  title={El posicionamiento de las consultoras de ventas por cat{\'a}logo y su aportaci{\'o}n al desarrollo econ{\'o}mico–social de los ciudadanos del cant{\'o}n Quevedo, a{\~n}o 2012},
  author={Ortega Moreira and Karla Luciana Mercedes},
Quevedo is the economic hub of the province of Los Rios, is located in a strategic area that connects with the main cities of the country and is a transit zone bound to ports and capitals of most developed provinces of Ecuador. Catalog sales in Quevedo are an important source of income generation for all families and underemployed Canton. It is important to note the important contribution of consultants from catalog sales in the economic and social development of the city. The 45.17% of… CONTINUE READING