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El pasado anterior: tiempo, estructuras y creación musical colectiva a propósito de Lévi-Strauss y el etnomusicólogo Brailoiu

  title={El pasado anterior: tiempo, estructuras y creaci{\'o}n musical colectiva a prop{\'o}sito de L{\'e}vi-Strauss y el etnomusic{\'o}logo Brailoiu},
  author={J. Nattiez},
J.-J. Nattiez starts explaining Levi-Strauss methodology for the analysis of myths, which he then uses to interpret Brailoiuˇs work from a strucutralist point of view. Brailoiuˇs Phobia to Chronos is also central to the idea of time which guides Levi-Strauss when he connects music and myth. Right through his writings, Brailoiu is reticent towards considering the diachronic dimension of musical phenomena, without, however, denying its evidence. This apparent contradiction is solved from a… Expand
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