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El papel de la norepinefrina y de la dopamina en la depresión

  title={El papel de la norepinefrina y de la dopamina en la depresi{\'o}n},
  author={Elizabeth P. Goodale},
Las catecolaminas norepinefrina (NE) y dopamina (DA) juegan un papel integral en la patofisiologia subyacente al trastorno depresivo mayor, asi como en la neurofisiologia de un numero elevado de los sintomas mas debilitantes y con mayor prevalencia de la depresion. 
Neuroprogression: the hidden mechanism of depression
The interest of this work is to review the metabolic processes involved in the morphologic alteration in the limbic system reported in patients with MDD, as well as the neurologic bases of this complex pathology that include environmental stress, genetic vulnerability, alterations in the neurotransmission, and changes in the neuroplasticity, all of which today bring into limelight a mechanism of progressive neuronal damage.
Depressed people and physical exercise
Depression is a mental disorder that is increasing each year, according to statistics over the world. Sports has become a good method to prevent and encourage the treatment of the mental disorder.


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