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El país: territorio y poblamiento

  title={El pa{\'i}s: territorio y poblamiento},
  author={Mar{\'i}a Bel{\'e}n Deamos},
The LiguSTAR Project: Archaeological Survey Techniques as Applied to the Study of Roman Settlement on the Riverbanks of the Lacus Ligustinus (Southwest Spain)
The LiguSTAR project studies a transformed watery environment, the ancient lacus Ligustinus. The Ligustinus was the paleo-estuary of the Baetis flumen, currently named the Guadalquivir RiverExpand
Water Characterization and Seasonal Heavy Metal Distribution in the Odiel River (Huelva, Spain) by Means of Principal Component Analysis
Principal Component Analysis (PCA) showed that variables related with the products of the pyrite oxidation and the salts that are solubilized by the high acidity generated in the oxidation of sulfides accounted for 40.88% of total variance and were the main influential factor in physicochemical water sample properties. Expand