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El juego de ficción y la actividad creadora en niños de 5 y 8 años De dos instituciones educativas

  title={El juego de ficci{\'o}n y la actividad creadora en ni{\~n}os de 5 y 8 a{\~n}os De dos instituciones educativas},
  author={Jerley Faindry Carrillo Pineda and Catalina Cort{\'e}s Piza and Jenny Paola Garc{\'i}a Acosta},
Under thc current perspective on preschool education and basic education, the research aimed to characterize the play of fiction and Creative activity in children of 5 and 8 ycars of school of two private cducational institutions Gym Vcrmont (Calendar B) and Cardinal College Sancha (Calendar A). Thus, the aimed of the research was addressed in two ways; on the one hand, the analysis of the relationship between thc subeategories of fiction and Creative activity was done. This is to complement… CONTINUE READING

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