El giro del neoliberalismo al neofascismo: universalización y segregación en el sistema capitalista

  title={El giro del neoliberalismo al neofascismo: universalizaci{\'o}n y segregaci{\'o}n en el sistema capitalista},
  author={David Pav{\'o}n-Cu{\'e}llar},
Neoliberalism and neo-fascism are two inseparable expressions of the same current configuration of the capitalist system. The abovementioned is what the author tries to demonstrate in the subjective sphere with the help of conceptual resources mainly from the Marxist and Freudian-Lacanian theories. The demonstration withstands three moments: 1) the elucidation of the neoliberal modalities of exacerbation, psychologization and universalization of capitalist functioning; 2) the interpretation of… 
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