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El genero Lichinella Nyl. en el sureste de España y norte de Africa

  title={El genero Lichinella Nyl. en el sureste de Espa{\~n}a y norte de Africa},
  author={P. Moreno and J. M. Egea},
  journal={Cryptogamie. Bryologie, lich{\'e}nologie},
Seven species of Lichinella are recognized in southeastern Spain and northern Africa, five of which are transferred from Gonohymenia: Lichinella algerica (type species of Gonohymenia), L. cribellifera, L. iodopulchra, L. nigritella and L. sinaica. The genus Gonohymenia is here, therefore, considered as a taxonomical synonym of Lichinella. A key of the species involved are given as well as details of morphology, anatomy, taxonomy, distribution and habitat. Photos and distribution maps are… Expand
The Genus Lichinella Nylander, Cyanolichen: A New Report From India
Lichinella stipatula a member of Lichinaceae, cyanolichen is being reported and described for the first time from India and observed as black crust growing on exposed surface of old building of Allahabad. Expand
Thyrea Porphyrella, a new Species of the Lichinaceae from inselbergs in tropical South America
Thyrea porphyrella grows on granite inselbergs in SE Brazil and in southern Guyana and has very thin, superficially smooth but conspicuously uneven to folded thallus lobes of reddish-brown to crimson colour. Expand
New records of lichen taxa from Namibia and South Africa
Of the 39 lichen taxa reported here that were collected during numerous excursions to Namibia and the Republic of South Africa, 37 are new to Namibia and 6 are new to the Republic of South Africa;Expand
Floristic study of the calcicolous and terricolous lichens from 13 coastal localities in Murcia and Andalucia. 137 taxons are presented. Among the most remarkable species are: Catapyrenium divisum,Expand
An Overview of Lichinella in the Southwestern United States and Northwestern Mexico, and the New Species Lichinella granulosa
Abstract An overview of the cyanobacterial lichen genus Lichinella in southwestern United States and northwestern Mexico is given. Eleven species are briefly described, notes on relationships amongExpand
Lichenological Exploration of Algeria II: Checklist of Lichenized, Lichenicolous and Allied Fungi
In all, 1051 lichen taxa and 43 species of lichenicolous and allied fungi are listed, and their synonyms used in publications on Algerian lichens are provided. Expand
New and Additional Records of Cyanolichens from Turkey
Seven species of the cyanolichen family Lichinaceae are recorded as new for Turkey, and additional records are presented for another seven species. Expand
An updated checklist of lichenized and lichenicolous fungi for Egypt
A revised lichen checklist for Egypt, the first to be published since 1901, is presented, based on a detailed literature survey supported by a limited study of herbarium material and includes 163 taxa of lichenized and lichenicolous fungi, six of which are newly recorded for the country. Expand
The 2016 classification of lichenized fungi in the Ascomycota and Basidiomycota – Approaching one thousand genera
The phylogenetic position of the 39 orders containing lichenized fungi suggests 20–30 independent lichenization events during the evolution of higher Fungi, 14–23 in the Ascomycota and 6–7 in the Basidiomycota. Expand
Lichenological exploration of Algeria: historical overview and annotated bibliography, 1799–2013
Abstract Amrani S., Nacer A., Noureddine N.-E. & Seaward M. R. D.: Lichenological exploration of Algeria: historical overview and annotated bibliography, 1799–2013. — Willdenowia 45: 15–34. 2015. —Expand