El canciller Juan Martínez del Castillo: perfil biográfico e institucional de un letrado de la realeza Trastámara (1369-1409)

  title={El canciller Juan Mart{\'i}nez del Castillo: perfil biogr{\'a}fico e institucional de un letrado de la realeza Trast{\'a}mara (1369-1409)},
  author={Francisco de Paula Ca{\~n}as G{\'a}lvez},
The study of one of the most outstanding yet least-known bureaucratic-administrative figures at the beginnings of the Castilian Trastamara monarchy, that of the chancellor of the secret seal, Juan Martinez del Castillo. For the first time, this study considers traces from his biography and trajectory of service to the Crown, a path that in many of ways would prove of great relevance to the long and complex process of the consolidation of royal power and the structures that one century later, in… CONTINUE READING