El asociacionismo náutico en La Habana. Las prácticas socioculturales observadas desde las élites hasta las capas populares (1886-1958)

  title={El asociacionismo n{\'a}utico en La Habana. Las pr{\'a}cticas socioculturales observadas desde las {\'e}lites hasta las capas populares (1886-1958)},
  author={Maikel Farinas. Borrego},
This article aims to explain the reasons that motivated the wide difusion of nautic societies in Havana, with its main focus on the "yacht clubs" as the most important associative form related to it between 1886 and 1958. The interaction between cultural forms of the "elites" and the popular sectors will be also obseved, as well as aspects of the impact caused by this entities on the urban shaping of Northern Havana, and its contributions to the sport.