El Salvador group plans for Solidarity week


University President Fr. Theodore Hesburgh w ill leave fo r El Salvador this week at the request o f Secretary o f State Alexander Haig to supervise the government elections next Sun­ day. Hesburgh w il l jo in representatives from o ther nations to m on ito r the e lection process in the war-torn country. The problems w h ich have tom apart El Salvador are not new. In 1979, d ic ta tor General Carlos Hum ­ berto Romero established a m ilitary civ ilian junta w h ich immediately created a reform program that nationalized the core o f the banking industry and expropria ted many o f the countries larger estates fo r dis­ trib u tio n among the campesinos. Rightist death squads began the m urdering o f men and women suspected o f sympathizing w ith the left. Among these “ leftists” were Archbishop Oscar Romero and four American relig ious w ho were assas­ sinated for the ir w o rk w ith the na­ tion ’s poor. Rebel bands counterattacked, in flic ting heavy damage on m ilita ry and econom ic targets. As a result, there has been a con tinu ing struggle between the rebels and the le ftist armed forces, w ho have had very lit t le success in crushing the rebellion. An estimated

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