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El Modelo Estandar de la Cosmologia Moderna en Jaque

  title={El Modelo Estandar de la Cosmologia Moderna en Jaque},
  author={L. Anchordoqui},
  journal={arXiv: Popular Physics},
  • L. Anchordoqui
  • Published 2020
  • Physics
  • arXiv: Popular Physics
  • The standard model of modern cosmology provides a description of a wide range of astrophysical and astronomical data. However, despite this impressive success, several discrepancies have have persisted. Most strikingly, the emerging tension in the observed and inferred values of the Hubble constant. This constant parameterizes the rate of expansion of the cosmos and thus provides clues about its energy content. In this article we examine the origin of this discrepancy and we explore possible… CONTINUE READING

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