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El Marx de Dussel: Notas acerca de la recepción dusseliana de la obra teórica de Karl Marx

  title={El Marx de Dussel: Notas acerca de la recepci{\'o}n dusseliana de la obra te{\'o}rica de Karl Marx},
  author={Flavio Hern{\'a}n Teruel},
  journal={Estudios de Filosof{\'i}a Pr{\'a}ctica e Historia de las Ideas},
From his exile in Mexico in the mid seventies of last century, Enrique Dussel is given the task of “reading seriously and directly” the theoretical work of Karl Marx produced between 1857 and 1882. After ten semesters of hard work, the result is a novel interpretation of the four drafts of The Capital. Indeed, in the eyes of Dussel, the masterpiece of Karl Marx is revealed not only as an economic treatise but rather as an anthropology and ethics. Marx “capitalist economy critically deconstructs… Expand