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El-Lamellophone A Low-cost, DIY, Open Framework for Acoustic Lemellophone Based Hyperinstruments

  title={El-Lamellophone A Low-cost, DIY, Open Framework for Acoustic Lemellophone Based Hyperinstruments},
  author={Shawn Trail and D. MacConnell and Leonardo Jenkins and J. Snyder and G. Tzanetakis and P. Driessen},
The El-Lamellophone (El-La) is a Lamellophone hyperinstrument incorporating electronic sensors and integrated DSP. [...] Key Method This signal inputs and outputs the micro-computer via stereo 1/8th inch phono jacks. Sensors provide gesture recognition affording the performer a broader, more dynamic range of ”musical human-computer interaction”(MHCI) over specific DSP functions.Expand
Pratical evaluation of synthesis performance on the beaglebone black


The Wiikembe — performer designed lamellophone hyperinstrument for idiomatic musical-DSP interaction
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Non-invasive sensing and gesture control for pitched percussion hyper-instruments using the Kinect
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