Eit and Lasco Observations of the Initiation of a Coronal Mass Ejection

  title={Eit and Lasco Observations of the Initiation of a Coronal Mass Ejection},
  author={Krishna Dere and G. E. Brueckner and Russell A. Howard and M. J. Koomen and Clarence M Korendyke and R. W. KREPLIN and Dennis Michels and John D. Moses and N E Moulton and Dennis G. Socker and O. C. ST. CYR and J. P. Delaboudin{\`i}ere and G. E. Artzner and J. BRUNAUD and Andr{\'e} Gabriel and J. F.. Hochedez and F. MILLIER and X Y Song and J P Chauvineau and J. P. MARIOGE and J. M. DEFISE and Claude Jamar and Pierre L. Rochus and R. C. CATURA and J. R. Lemen and Joseph B. Gurman and W. M. Neupert and F. CLETTE and P. CUGNON and E. L. van Dessel and Philippe L. Lamy and Antoine Llebaria and R. Schwenn and G. M. SIMNETT},
We present the first observations of the initiation of a coronal mass ejection (CME) seen on the disk of the Sun. Observations with the EIT experiment on SOHO show that the CME began in a small volume and was initially associated with slow motions of prominence material and a small brightening at one end of the prominence. Shortly afterward, the prominence was accelerated to about 100 km s 1 and was preceded by a bright loop-like structure, which surrounded an emission void, that traveled out… CONTINUE READING


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