Einstein billiards and overextensions of finite-dimensional simple Lie algebras

  title={Einstein billiards and overextensions of finite-dimensional simple Lie algebras},
  author={Thibault Damour and Sophie de Buyl and Marc Henneaux and Christiane Schomblond},
In recent papers, it has been shown that (i) the dynamics of theories involving gravity can be described, in the vicinity of a spacelike singularity, as a billiard motion in a region of hyperbolic space bounded by hyperplanes; and (ii) that the relevant billiard has remarkable symmetry properties in the case of pure gravity in d + 1 spacetime dimensions, or supergravity theories in 10 or 11 spacetime dimensions, for which it turns out to be the fundamental Weyl chamber of the Kac-Moody algebras… CONTINUE READING

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