Einstein-Cartan formulation of Chern-Simons Lorentz-violating Gravity

  title={Einstein-Cartan formulation of Chern-Simons Lorentz-violating Gravity},
  author={Marcelo Botta Cantcheff},
  • Marcelo Botta Cantcheff
  • Published 2007
We consider a modification of the standard Einstein theory in four dimensions, alternative to R. Jackiw and S.-Y. Pi, Phys. Rev. D 68, 104012 (2003), since it is based on the first-order (Einstein-Cartan) approach to General Relativity, whose gauge structure is manifest. This is done by introducing an additional topological term in the action which becomes a Lorentz-violating term by virtue of the dependence of the coupling on the space-time point. We obtain a condition on the solutions of the… CONTINUE READING

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