Einstein’s lost theory uncovered

  title={Einstein’s lost theory uncovered},
  author={Davide Castelvecchi},
state — particularly those at smaller institutions, says Cassio Leandro Barbosa, an astronomer at the University of Paraíba Valley in São Paulo state. Wendy Freedman, chair of the GMT board and director of the Carnegie Observatories, thinks that São Paulo and the GMT are “a good match”. The decision to join will now come down to FAPESP’s review of a November 2013 workshop between Brazilian astronomers and the GMT leadership, along with an evaluation of benefits for local industry, says Hernan… 
The Age of the Universe
The belief that the universe as a whole is ageless and unchanging has largely prevailed in human thought since ancient times, with few notable exceptions, and even survived the Copernican and the
Apparent need of antimatter galaxies for the stability of the universe
Fritz Zwicky’s hypothesis, according to which the cosmological redshift is due to galactic light losing energy to intergalactic media, without need of Universe expansion, seems to have been recently