Eine neue Methode für Absorptionsmessungen an sekundären β-Strahlen

  title={Eine neue Methode f{\"u}r Absorptionsmessungen an sekund{\"a}ren $\beta$-Strahlen},
  author={Walther Bothe and Werner Kolh{\"o}rster},

Atmospheric Neutrinos: from the pioneering experiments to IMB and Kamiokande

The idea that cosmic rays, interacting in the Earth atmosphere, should generate a large flux of neutrinos, was understood very early, and concrete ideas about possible methods to detect this flux

International Scientific Cooperation During the 1930s. Bruno Rossi and the Development of the Status of Cosmic Rays into a Branch of Physics

A glimpse of the intersection between national and international dimensions during the 1930s is provided, at a time when the study of cosmic rays was still very much in its infancy, strongly interlaced with nuclear physics, and full of uncertain, contradictory, and puzzling results.

A Turn: Things are not as they are Assumed to be

The current belief was that cosmic rays were simply photons of greater energy than the ones observed in radioactive transformations. In fact, still in 1929, the German literature usually referred to

Early history of cosmic particle physics

The discovery of cosmic rays is a standard example of ‘one man’s noise is another man’s signal’. From the apparently minor leakages of electricity from well-insulated detectors came a subject of

Walther Bothe and Bruno Rossi: The birth and development of coincidence methods in cosmic-ray physics

With the advent of the Geiger-Muller counter in the late 1920s, the nature of cosmic rays became accessible to exper- imentation. When used single as cosmic-ray detectors, these devices did not have

Über die Quantenenergie einiger Kern-γ-Strahlen

International scientific cooperation during the 1930 s . Bruno Rossi and the development of the status of cosmic rays into a branch of physics

International scientific cooperation during the 1930s. Bruno Rossi and the development of the status of cosmic rays into a branch of physics Abstract During the 1920s and 1930s, Italian physicists



Über die Kopplung zwischen elementaren Strahlungsvorgängen

ZusammenfassungZwischen zwei nahe einander gegenüberstehenden Spitzenzählern befindet sich eine Folie ans Kupfer oder Eisen, welche durch MoKα-Strahlung zur Fluoreszenz erregt wird. Es wird