Eine neue Familie der Amöben aus dem Lebensraum der Riffkorallen

  title={Eine neue Familie der Am{\"o}ben aus dem Lebensraum der Riffkorallen},
  author={Karl G. Grell},
supe r imposed by "doubIe-discharges". I n all of t h e m smal l TOm~B~LL'S b lue spo t s or di f fuse colour ing were found ins ide single r e t inu la cells w i th in o m m a t i d i a wh ich h a v e two eccentr ic cellsi I n one of t he m, two eccentr ic cells h a v e a c o m m o n dis ta l process and in o the r cases two eccentr ic cells h a v e the i r own dis ta l processes wh ich are connec ted each o the r w i th sho r t bridges, as a l r eady ha s been observed in t he his tological s… CONTINUE READING