Ein neuer Typ quaternärer Oxometallate: K3Na2[InO4]

  title={Ein neuer Typ quatern{\"a}rer Oxometallate: K3Na2[InO4]},
  author={Holger Glaum and Rudolf Hoppe},
  journal={Monatshefte f{\"u}r Chemie / Chemical Monthly},
With K3Na2[InO4] the first example of new kind of oxides of the type A3A′2[MO4] with R(A)>R(A′) was prepared in form of colourless single crystals by oxidation of the intermetallic compound “KNaIn2”. Intimate mixtures of the educts (K2O2: “K0.5Na0.5In”=1.2:1) were heated in sealed Ag-tubes (380 °C, 2 d, then 480 °C, 5 d). K3Na2[InO4] crystallizes monoclinic (P21/n) witha=1012.6 pm,b=969.9 pm,c=725.4 pm, β=91.02°;Z=4. The crystal structure was elucidated by four-circle diffractometer (PW 1100… CONTINUE READING