Ein Gesamtschrittverfahren zur Berechnung der Nullstellen von Polynomen

  title={Ein Gesamtschrittverfahren zur Berechnung der Nullstellen von Polynomen},
  author={Immo O. Kerner},
  journal={Numerische Mathematik},
  • I. O. Kerner
  • Published 1 May 1966
  • Mathematics
  • Numerische Mathematik

Efficient high degree polynomial root finding using GPU

Wireless Sensor Networks for Environment Monitoring and Threat Alarming

Results of measurements taken on real-life nodes of a long time operating and robust wireless sensor networks and how their influence WSN model and simulation are presented.

Notation as a tool of thought

The importance of nomenclature, notation, and language as tools of thought has long been recognized and did much to stimulate and to channel later investigation in chemistry and in botany.

A Spectral Method for a Nonpreemptive Priority BMAP/G/1 QUEUE

Abstract In this paper we consider a nonpreemptive priority queue with two priority classes of customers. Customers arrive according to a batch Markovian arrival process (BMAP). In order to calculate

The Durand-Kerner method for trigonometric and exponential polynomials

  • P. Weidner
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2005
The problem of finding all roots of an exponential or trigonometric equation is reduced to the determination of zeros of algebraic polynomials where the well-known Durand-Kerner algorithm can be

Aberth's method for the parallel iterative finding of polynomial zeros

Newton's method under Parallel Anticipatory Implicit Deflation (PAID), changing the single polynomial problem into that for a system of rational functions, offers the prospect of parallel execution, discourages coincident convergences, and subjects all iterates to the same algorithm.

Local and Semilocal Convergence of a Family of Multi-point Weierstrass-Type Root-Finding Methods

Weierstrass (Sitzungsber Königl Preuss Akad Wiss Berlin II:1085–1101, 1891) introduced his famous iterative method for numerical finding all zeros of a polynomial simultaneously. Kyurkchiev and

Computational Aspects of Quaternionic Polynomials - Part II: Root-Finding Methods

Research at the Centre of Mathematics (CMAT) was financed by Portuguese Funds through FCT - Fundacao para a Ciencia e a Tecnologia, within the Project UID/MAT/00013/2013. Research at the Economics

Convergence of the modified inverse Weierstrass method for simultaneous approximation of polynomial zeros

The modified inverse Weierstrass methods is constructed by combining the companion matrix method and similarity transformations between some companion matrices. In this paper we establish a new local



Selected Numerical Methods

Principles of Numerical Analysis

On inverses of Vandermonde and confluent Vandermonde matrices. II

We derive lower bounds for the norm of the inverse Vandermonde matrix and the norm of certain inverse confluent Vandermonde matrices. They supplement upper bounds which were obtained in previous

Algorithm 283: Simultaneous displacement of polynomial roots if real and simple

s i m u l t a n e o u s l y . On e n t r y t h e a r r a y X c o n t a i n s t h e v e c t o r of in i t i a l a p p r o x i m a t i o n s to t h e roo t s a n d on ex i t i t c o n t a i n s t h e v

Einführung in die numerische Mathematik