Eight Previously Unreported Species of Fungi Identified in Mt. Manggyeong, Korea

  title={Eight Previously Unreported Species of Fungi Identified in Mt. Manggyeong, Korea},
  author={Jin sung Lee and Changmu Kim and H. B. Lee},
  journal={The Korean Journal of Mycology},
  • Jin sung Lee, Changmu Kim, H. B. Lee
  • Published 2014
  • Biology
  • The Korean Journal of Mycology
  • 【A total of 118 fungal specimens were collected from Mt. Manggyeong, Chungnam province, Korea between July and October 2014. All specimens were identified to the species level using a combination of morphological characteristics and DNA sequencing. Out of 118 specimens, eight species, Amanita manginiana, A. pilosella, Calvatia holothurioides, Cantharellus tabernensis, Dicephalospora rufocornea, Gymnopus menehune, Marasmius brunneospermus, and Russula cerolens, have not been previously reported… CONTINUE READING
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