Eiger and its receptor, Wengen, comprise a TNF-like system in Drosophila

  title={Eiger and its receptor, Wengen, comprise a TNF-like system in Drosophila},
  author={Saila Kauppila and Walid S. A. Maaty and Po Guang Chen and Raghuvir Singh Tomar and Michael T Eby and Joe Chapo and Sukit Chew and Nisha Rathore and Sunny Zachariah and Suwan Kumar Sinha and John M. Abrams and Preet M. Chaudhary},
In mammals, members of the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) family play an important role in the regulation of cellular proliferation, differentiation and programmed cell death. We describe isolation and characterization of an orthologous ligand/receptor axis in Drosophila. The ligand, designated Eiger, is a type II membrane glycosylated protein, which can be cleaved at residue 145 and released from the cell surface as a soluble factor, thereby representing the first potential cytokine to be… CONTINUE READING
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