Eigenvalues of Nonnegative Symmetric Matrices

  title={Eigenvalues of Nonnegative Symmetric Matrices},
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  • M. Fiedler
  • Published 1974
  • Mathematics
  • Linear Algebra and its Applications
On the inverse eigenvalue problem of symmetric nonnegative matrices
In this paper, at first for a given set of real numbers with only one positive number, and in continue for a given set of real numbers in special conditions, we construct a symmetric nonnegative
Constructing symmetric nonnegative matrices
We construct a symmetric matrix N having specified eigenvalues λ1 ⩾ λ2 ⩾ ⋯ ⩾ λ n , and give conditions on the {λ1) that N be nonnegative. The construction depends on the eigenvector x belonging to
A characterization of trace zero symmetric nonnegative 5×5 matrices
An inverse eigenvalue problem for totally nonnegative matrices
In a previous paper we proved that the diagonal elements of a totally nonnegative matrix are majorized by its eigenvalues. In this note we show that the majorization of a vector of nonnegative real
Various 3 × 3 nonnegative matrices with prescribed eigenvalues and diagonal entries
An algorithm for constructing nonnegative matrices with prescribed real eigenvalues
Solvability of Inverse Eigenvalue Problem for Dense Singular Symmetric Matrices
Given a list of real numbers ∧={λ1,…, λn}, we determine the conditions under which ∧will form the spectrum of a dense n × n singular symmetric matrix. Based on a solvability lemma, an algorithm to
A Note on the Symmetric Nonnegative Inverse Eigenvalue Problem 1
The symmetric nonnegative inverse eigenvalue problem is the problem of characterizing all possible spectra of n × n symmetric entrywise nonnegative matrices. The problem remains open for n ≥ 5. A


An extremum property of sums of eigenvalues
We present in this note a maximum-minimum characterization of sums like a3+a7+asj where a1> . * * a. are the eigenvalues of a hermitian nXn matrix. The result contains the classic characterization of
On positive stochastic matrices with real characteristic roots
Suleῐmanova (3) describes a geometrical technique* for discussing the conditions under which a given set of n + 1 numbers can be a set of characteristic roots of a positive stochastic matrix of order
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