Eigenvalue bounds for the fractional Laplacian: A review

  title={Eigenvalue bounds for the fractional Laplacian: A review},
  author={Rupert L. Frank},
  journal={arXiv: Spectral Theory},
  • R. Frank
  • Published 31 March 2016
  • Mathematics
  • arXiv: Spectral Theory
We review some recent results on eigenvalues of fractional Laplacians and fractional Schr\"odinger operators. We discuss, in particular, Lieb-Thirring inequalities and their generalizations, as well as semi-classical asymptotics. 
Kroger's upper bound types for the Dirichlet eigenvalues of the fractional Laplacian.
We establish an upper bound of the sum of the eigenvalues for the Dirichlet problem of the fractional Laplacian. Our result is obtained by a subtle computation of the Rayleigh quotient for specific
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In this note we obtain an asymptotic estimate for growth behavior of variational eigenvalues of the p−fractional eigenvalue problem on a smooth bounded domain with Dirichlet boundary condition.
Interior estimates for the eigenfunctions of the fractional Laplacian on a bounded Euclidean domain
This paper is devoted to interior, i.e. away from the boundary, estimates for eigenfunctions of the fractional Laplacian in an Euclidean domain of $\mathbb R^d$.
Nonradiality of second eigenfunctions of the fractional Laplacian in a ball
Using symmetrization techniques, we show that, for every N ≥ 2 N \geq 2 , any second eigenfunction of the fractional Laplacian in the N N -dimensional unit ball with
Pólya's conjecture fails for the fractional Laplacian
The analogue of P\'olya's conjecture is shown to fail for the fractional Laplacian (-Delta)^{alpha/2} on an interval in 1-dimension, whenever 0 < alpha < 2. The failure is total: every eigenvalue
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We consider a version of the fractional Sobolev inequality in domains and study whether the best constant in this inequality is attained. For the half-space and a large class of bounded domains we
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. We prove the existence of a weak solution for boundary value problems driven by a mixed local–nonlocal operator. The main novelty is that such an operator is allowed to be nonpositive definite.


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The purpose of this paper is two-fold. Firstly, we state and prove a Berezin–Li–Yau-type estimate for the sums of eigenvalues of , the fractional Laplacian operators restricted to a bounded domain Ω
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This paper has been withdrawn by the author in favor of a stronger result proven by the author with R. Frank and T. Weidl in arXiv:0707.0998
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The operator square root of the Laplacian (− ▵)1/2 can be obtained from the harmonic extension problem to the upper half space as the operator that maps the Dirichlet boundary condition to the