Eigenstate phases with finite on-site non-Abelian symmetry

  title={Eigenstate phases with finite on-site non-Abelian symmetry},
  author={Abhishodh Prakash and Sriram Ganeshan and Lukasz Fidkowski and Tzu-Chieh Wei},
We study the eigenstate phases of disordered spin chains with on-site finite non-Abelian symmetry. We develop a general formalism based on standard group theory to construct local spin Hamiltonians invariant under any on-site symmetry. We then specialize to the case of the simplest non-Abelian group, $S_3$, and numerically study a particular two parameter spin-1 Hamiltonian. We observe a thermal phase and a many-body localized phase with a spontaneous symmetry breaking (SSB) from $S_3$ to… CONTINUE READING