Ehl-i Sünnet-Siyaset İlişkisi Bağlamında Hilâfetle İlgili Tartışmalarda Rivayetlerin Rolü

  title={Ehl-i S{\"u}nnet-Siyaset İlişkisi Bağlamında Hil{\^a}fetle İlgili Tartışmalarda Rivayetlerin Rol{\"u}},
  author={İlyas Canikli},
While in the political discussions, which took place soon after the death of the Prophet, as to who would come to power the caliphate as known today or any kind of government or its name was not mentioned at all, but, in later periods, the accounts especially those on the caliphate were related as if they had belonged to the Prophet. At the same time, the legitimacy of sultanate was also tried to base on the religious texts. It has been concluded, as a result of the historical data and… CONTINUE READING