Egyptian genotyping of Giardia lamblia.

  title={Egyptian genotyping of Giardia lamblia.},
  author={Atef Mohammad El-Shazly and Nawras Mowafy and Mohamed Soliman and Mahmoud El-Bendary and Ayman Tosson Aly Morsy and Nashwa I I Ramadan and Wafaa A S Arafa},
  journal={Journal of the Egyptian Society of Parasitology},
  volume={34 1},
Out of 105 patients infected with Giardia, 38 patients have Genotype I (36.19%), 13 have Genotype II (12.38%), 10 have Genotype III (9.52%), 16 have mixed Genotype infection (15.24%) and 28 with undetermined Giardia infection by PCR (26.67%). None of the control group gave positive results for Giardia in stool by PCR. So, the sensitivity of the test for… CONTINUE READING