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Egyptian Feminism: Trapped in the Identity Debate

  title={Egyptian Feminism: Trapped in the Identity Debate},
  author={Lama Abu-Odeh},
  journal={Yale Journal of Law and Feminism},
  • Lama Abu-Odeh
  • Published 2004
  • History
  • Yale Journal of Law and Feminism
This Article argues that if we wish to account for the limited gains made in the area of family law reform in Egypt in the twentieth century, it is crucial to relate the debate on family law with another debate, one revolving around the identity of the Egyptian legal system.' Whereas the dispute over family law reform forced decisions on gender and the family, the contest surrounding identity centered on the ongoing and agonized struggle by Egyptians to define the nature of their country's… 

Women, family and the law: the Muslim personal status law debate in Arab states

Introduction In the late twentieth century, a combination of geopolitical developments focused particular attention on ‘the Islamic sharīʿa ’ and specifically on its role as an identity and

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Abstract Muslim divorce practice is a feminist issue, insofar as it often departs from core principles of Anglo-American divorce law. When legal feminists have examined the reception of Muslim

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A comparison of the way in which Morocco and the United Arab Emirates deal with the articulation of the husband–wife relationship in Islamic law in their recent family law codifications is compared, reflecting that the formulations emerging in the two states are positioned at either end of the current spectrum of Muslim family laws in Arab states.

Walking the 'Straight Path' in Identity Minefields: Muslim Women's Political Activism in Turkey and Egypt (2000-2014)

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This chapter discusses marriage in Islam, both according to the Qur’an and according to various traditions. Yamani (Polygamy and law in contemporary Saudi Arabia. Ithaca Press, Reading, Berkshire,

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1. Introduction: Muslims and modernity: culture and society in an age of contest and plurality Robert W. Hefner Part I. Social Transformations: 2. New networks and new knowledge: migrations,

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The controversy over polygyny started in the early 20th century

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