Eggshell waste to produce building lime: calcium oxide reactivity, industrial, environmental and economic implications

  title={Eggshell waste to produce building lime: calcium oxide reactivity, industrial, environmental and economic implications},
  author={Eduardo Ferraz and Jos{\'e} A F Gamelas and J. Coroado and C. Monteiro and Fernando Rocha},
  journal={Materials and Structures},
Eggshells wastes are produced in huge amounts worldwide. The recycling or valorization of this waste, which otherwise is usually disposed in landfills, represents an opportunity within a circular economy perspective. In the present work, the potential of chicken eggshell waste to produce calcitic lime was explored. After collection from an industry supplier, the waste was thoroughly characterized for its mineralogical, chemical, and thermal properties. The material was calcined at 1000 °C, and… Expand
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