Egg oral immunotherapy in nonanaphylactic children with egg allergy.

  title={Egg oral immunotherapy in nonanaphylactic children with egg allergy.},
  author={Ariana D Buchanan and Todd D. Green and Stacie M. Jones and Amy M. Scurlock and Lynn Christie and Karen A Althage and Pamela H Steele and Laurent Pons and Rick M Helm and Laurie A Lee and Arvil Wesley Burks},
  journal={The Journal of allergy and clinical immunology},
  volume={119 1},
BACKGROUND There is no current active treatment for food allergy. Traditional injection immunotherapy has been proved unsafe, and thus there is a need for other forms of immunotherapy. OBJECTIVE The purpose was to study the safety and immunologic effects of egg oral immunotherapy (OIT). The short-term goal was to desensitize subjects to protect against accidental ingestion reactions. The eventual goal was to induce lasting clinical and immunologic tolerance. METHODS Subjects with a history… CONTINUE READING

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