Egg-laying butterflies distinguish predaceous ants by sight.

  title={Egg-laying butterflies distinguish predaceous ants by sight.},
  author={Sebasti{\'a}n Felipe Sendoya and Andr{\'e} Victor Lucci Freitas and Paulo Sergio Lopes Oliveira},
  journal={The American naturalist},
  volume={174 1},
Information about predation risks is critical for herbivorous insects, and natural selection favors their ability to detect predators before oviposition and to select enemy-free foliage when offspring mortality risk is high. Food plants are selected by ovipositing butterflies, and offspring survival frequently varies among plants because of variation in the presence of predators. Eunica bechina butterflies oviposit on Caryocar brasiliense, an ant-defended plant. Experiments with dried… CONTINUE READING
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