Egg-dumping lace bugs preferentially oviposit with kin

  title={Egg-dumping lace bugs preferentially oviposit with kin},
  author={Michael L. G. Loeb and Lynn M. Diener and David W. Pfennig},
  journal={Animal Behaviour},
Egg dumping, or abandoning eggs and young to the care of other conspecifics, results in an extreme form of alloparental care. It is unclear, however, if egg dumpers discriminate among kin and nonkin egg recipients. In the lace bug Gargaphia solani (Heteroptera: Tingidae), some females with eggs (guards) also accept and defend eggs of conspecifics. Other females (egg dumpers) abandon their offspring after oviposition, leaving a single guard as the caregiver. We asked if egg dumpers… CONTINUE READING

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