Egg Discrimination and Sex-Specific Pecking Behaviour in Parasitic Cowbirds

  title={Egg Discrimination and Sex-Specific Pecking Behaviour in Parasitic Cowbirds},
  author={Paulo E. Llambı́as and Valentina Ferretti and Juan Carlos Reboreda},
Parasitic cowbirds have several specializations including a high fecundity (Payne 1976; Scott & Ankney 1980, 1983; Jackson & Roby 1992; Kattan 1993), thick and round eggshells (Blankespoor et al. 1982; Spaw & Rohwer 1987; Rahn et al. 1988; Picman 1989), short incubation periods (Briskie & Sealy 1990; Kattan 1995; but see Mermoz & Ornelas 2004), and pecking or removal of host eggs (Friedmann 1929; Sealy 1992; Peer 2006). Egg-pecking behaviour has been observed in the wild in the shiny cowbird… CONTINUE READING


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