Eficacia de la metodología pilates en las disminución de medidas antropométricas, en personas que presentan sobrepeso

  title={Eficacia de la metodolog{\'i}a pilates en las disminuci{\'o}n de medidas antropom{\'e}tricas, en personas que presentan sobrepeso},
  author={Castillo Pacheco and Katherine Mireya},
OBJECTIVE: To analyze the effect of Pilates exercises on anthropometric measures reduction in people who are overweight. MATERIAL AND METHODS: Ten participants who were overweight, ranging from 19 to 50 years of age, male and female, were randomly assigned to two conditions, one that served as the control group "CG" (5 participants), and the other as the experimental group "EG" (5 participants). Participants of the EG followed a protocol of exercises based on the Pilates method and the… CONTINUE READING

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