Eficácia do monepantel para controle de estrongilídeos parasitos gastrintestinais de ovinos

  title={Efic{\'a}cia do monepantel para controle de estrongil{\'i}deos parasitos gastrintestinais de ovinos},
  author={A. Z. Ciuffa and S. C. Bras{\~a}o and M. C. Urzedo and G. Ramos and D. O. Gomes and F. Rosalinski-Moraes},
The anthelmintic resistance is a major challenge for the control of endoparasites in small ruminants. The recent launch of Monepantel may represent an alternative for the treatment of helminthiasis, associated with other control tools. This study aims to test the effectiveness of Monepantel in a flock of sheep with a history of resistance to macrocyclic lactones and benzimidazoles in Uberlândia, MG. We used twenty sheep whose individual counts of eggs per gram of feces (EPG), according to the… Expand
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